(Warmth and Love from Vietnamese herbs)

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Herbal tea is an essential part of Eastern traditional medicine. People since the distant past has known to use herbal tea in remedies and treatments with great effects.  It is an elixir when it is used correctly.  Herbal tea contains medicinal components with have the same effect as and can replace rare medicines. The best way to use herbal tea is to boil it in water, and VUUA herbal tea is not only to be taken for its soothing aroma and rare delicacy, but more importantly, it also prevents illnesses and nourishes the mind, giving the immersion with vast nature and granting the deep appreciation of the motherland and the true value of life.


In the treasury of traditional oriental medicine, herbal tea occupies a modest but equally important position.

Folklore experience shows that herbal tea has powerful effects, miraculously not found in other forms of medicine, if you know how to use it. Some special herbal medicine, can replace some rare drugs without being inferior or having side effects.

The best way to use herbal tea is to boil it to get water. Drinking herbal tea with VUUA brand is not only for aroma and deliciousness, but the main purpose is to prevent disease, to nourish the mind, to be returned and immersed in the vast nature, thereby to feel more deeply about the love for the homeland and the true value of life.

Vietnamese elite herbs

  • Helping black hair, beard, fresh face, drink a lot of anti-aging
  • Help brighten eyes, more intelligence
  • Helps collect pure gas, dissipate heat, increase longevity
  • Reduce back pain, except for miasma, refreshment, mental benefits


– Chinese knotweed: 30%
– Japanese sweet flag: 30%
– Rhizome Polygonati: 15%
– Chinese waterlily: 5%
– Water dropwort: 5%
– Ginger: 5%
(No preservatives)


– Chinese knotweed – heart tonic, aphrodisiac, recuperative, adaptogenic, antiaging, antianxiety
– Japanese sweet flag – diuretic, analgesic, anodyne, antiasthmatic
– Rhizome Polygonati – strengthen physical weakness, stimulate weak digestive function, increase oxygen absorption, increase memory and study focus; reverse developmental issues in children, regulate heart rhythm, decrease elevated cholesterol levels, increase low WBC count, regulate blood sugar, counteract fungal infections, benefit the eyes and correct near sightedness
– Chinese waterlily – antioxidant, aphrodisiac, depurative, relaxant, sedative, alkaline, anthelmintic, antiaging
– Balinese pepper (Bengal pepper) – adaptogenic, abortifacient, analeptic, analgesic
– Water dropwort – digestive, antioxidant
– Ginger – antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, detoxicant, laxative, synergistic, testosterone booster, etc



In the past, King Phuc Hy gazed up to the heavens, bent down to examine the earth.  He searched near and far and modeled out the eight hexagrams according to the shape of things.

King Than Nong came into power after.  He made Trinh Tien rod to beat trees and plants to taste.  He researched the properties of plants by experimenting upon his own body.  He even tasted 72 poisonous herbs to test their medical value in one day sacrificing himself for the development of traditional medicine.

Over the ages, the Bach Viet people have continuously studied the effects of plants and trees for the prevention and treatment of human diseases. In the 14th century, in Dai Viet, we had Đại danh y, Thiền sư Tuệ Tĩnh who built the foundation of domestic, traditional medicine and Vietnamese traditions, according to the motto “Vietnamese medicine saves Vietnamese people”.  He left many customs among the people: planting medicinal plants gardens and temples for both ornamental and medicinal purposes, using herbs as spices in cooking, in a sauna, as a hot compress, or with a massage.

The product is researched and developed from the book named “The Magic of Vietnamese Herbs” by the legendary herbalist Tue Tinh (1330 – 1400).


Muốn giúp nhân dân,
Trước tìm vị thuốc,
Thiên thư đã định rõ Nam Bang
Thổ sản cũng khác miền Bắc quốc.

Dược vật, tuy nhiều thật,
Rễ ngọn, có khác thay
Góp lương dược các phương, tay Phật cứu dân rất rộng,
Nếm Linh đan một hạt, thuốc tiên cứu bệnh cực hay
Người người đều sức khỏe sống lâu,
Chốn chốn thấy khí hòa gió mát.

Mong thấy:
Nhân dân khỏe vui êm ấm.
Nhà nước bền vững lâu dài
Thế mới không phụ huệ rộng sâu
Đối với nước non Nam nầy vậy.
(Trích “Trực giải nam dược tính phú” của Đại danh y – Thiền sư Tuệ Tĩnh)
Cõi trời Nam gấm vóc, nước sông Hồng chảy dài.
Vườn hạnh bắc nghĩa nhân, gió mùa xuân ơn rộng.
Thương nhân dân chết chóc,
Chọn hiền triết phương thang.
Kinh nghiệm, lý luận, nhờ sách vở của người xưa;
Phương pháp, thi hành, tùy bệnh chứng vào lúc ấy.

Những thấy:
Người khỏe thì bệnh lùi.
Tinh đầy thì thần vững.
Cậy thầy thuốc chẳng bằng sửa mình.
Giúp người sống vốn hay tinh phúc
Cho nên nói:
Cây hoang dại có thể thành vườn hạnh được vậy!
(Trích “Thập tam phương gia giảm” của Đại danh y – Thiền sư Tuệ Tĩnh)


This product does not use preservatives and should be stored in a dry place, below 30 ° C, and protected from the sun


  • This product is not medicine and has no effect as a substitute for medicines
  • This product is not intended for use by people who are hypersensitive to any ingredient of the product
  • 100% natural herbal product with no preservatives


  • 1 box contains 27 3g filter bags
  • Net weight: 81g

Shelf life

24 months from date of manufacture

Note: Currently on the market tea people often add additives to make the drinker feel more concentrated and attractive. As for the teas with VUUA brand, it is 100% natural herbs, no additives, no preservatives. In the past, people who cultivated immortality and immortality used to drink like that. Its taste is not dense, this is the difference, even its taste is very different and quite picky to drink. If tea with VUUA brand is also following the market trend, adding other substances to “flatter your mouth”, it will not be as pure as the old people used.


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